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Debt Rescheduling: Replacing Cheap Loans It’s not just about buying a car cheaply. The quickest way to find out which offer is the cheapest for you. Both types of credit have one thing in common: the conditions differ between the banks, a loan for a company should be as cheap as possible.

How to proceed – and what not!

How to proceed - and what not!

European stocks have suffered the most losses in recent weeks, not least due to the “Italy problem”. Exactly the same: borrowing and investing is a very good tactic if the investments generate additional sales growth. In exceptional cases, this could result in Italy being unable to pay its debts or obtain loans on the free credit market on acceptable terms.

But wouldn’t it be good to invest your capital in a currency other than the USD? Because investing in other currencies is always a guesswork and not a long-term investment.

Contrary to the negative image of the dollar, it has in no way fallen only against all national currencies in recent years, not even against the often considered safe currencies such as the Norwegian crown: Norway has extremely solid national budgets due to the oil revenues, while the exchange rate of the dollar to the crowns (USD / NOK) has increased by 33% since 2012, ie the crowns have lost value compared to the E SDB.

What is the important point

What is the important point

In my film “Protection from the European Crisis” I take a close look at the development of the euro against other currencies, and you can learn more about this topic. Another important point: if the USD crisis escalates until the collapse of the USD zone, then sums of money in foreign currencies such as the Swiss franc or the Norwegian krone are also not well protected.

Because nobody knows what would come next and at what exchange rate you can exchange your francs or crowns for dollars – or in what number. Investing money in other currencies like the Swiss Franc or the Norwegian Krone is not a good option if you want to save your capital from a currency crisis.

However, it makes sense that you should also purchase shares or securities from other countries that are not listed in USD to diversify your portfolio. A certain protection against a possible depreciation of the dollar is only a pleasing accompanying certificate.

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